Praise for Blindsided:

“One of the best business books of the year.” CEO Refresher

“Brilliant stuff! . . . worthwhile to bestow on one’s CEO.” Miami Herald

“Just as change is now a constant in business, the risk of being blindsided with disruptive forces is the ‘Russian Roulette’ of business. I recommend sharpening your radar against these risks!”
Jim Balsillie, Chairman & Co-CEO, Research in Motion
“In the fast-paced global business environment, the possibility of being blindsided by a competitor or new market entrant is very real, even for businesses that appear most secure. Jim Harris offers real-life examples that will cause the reader to stop, think and question whether he or she is doing everything in his or her power to avoid being blindsided. A must-read for all senior executives.”
Clare Hart, President & CEO of Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company

What people say about Jim’s presentations:

“Jim’s session was one of the most highly rated and I am certain that we will work with him in the future. What was particularly noteworthy was the accessibility and relevance of his material. Jim’s friendly, open style is critical in encouraging participants to take the material on board and shift their thinking.”
Geoff Merchant, Centre for Management & Policy Studies,
UK Cabinet Office

Reactions to The Learning Paradox:

“The Learning Paradox is a rich, in depth exploration of the major issues facing today’s organizations. But it’s more than that – it’s filled with stories and examples that evoke curiosity, laughter, and true learning. Long after I put the book down, I found myself thinking about many of the lessons Jim Harris describes so well.”
Meg Wheatley, author Leadership & the New Science

“In The Learning Paradox, Harris offers a strikingly insightful and coherent organizational learning strategy for businesses in this rapidly changing world.”
Hunter & Amory Lovins, Co-authors Natural Capitalism,
Founders Rocky Mountain Institute

“The Learning Paradox deals with the challenges of incessant change and helps make sense of the confusion, emerging trends and technologies. With profound insight, the book presents practical, proven strategies, tools, tips and techniques to individuals and organizations to thrive in today’s fast changing business environment. I highly recommend you read the book – it had the same impact on me that Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock did in 1971.”
Larry Wilson, Founder of Wilson Learning & Coauthor The One Minute Sales Person and Stop Selling Start Partnering

“If I were told that my people and I could read only one business book during the next year I would, in a heartbeat, choose Jim Harris’ The Learning Paradox. I choose this book because it communicates so very clearly not only the key issues we face, but the solutions we need for survival. This book is priceless.”
Lou Pritchett, retired Vice-President, Sales, Procter & Gamble

“Every day the future keeps coming at us whether we like it or not. The Learning Paradox provides individuals and organizations with the keys to unlock the right attitude and the mechanism for developing the necessary skills to go out and meet the future with confidence.”
Kenneth Clarke, Chairman, Royal LePage

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