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Jim Harris, Keynote Speaker, Disruptive Innovation, Idea City

Due to Jim Harris’ popularity as a keynote speaker at Idea City (Canada’s version of TED Talks) Jim has been asked back to speak time and time again. He has also successfully translated his speaking skills into the online world and is now attending many virtual conferences as their much-anticipated virtual keynote speaker. Watch Jim as he opens people’s minds to new ideas and thought processes.

Disruptive Innovation

Traditional retailers are being decimated. A staggering 25% of US shopping malls will be shuttered by 2022, predicts Credit Suisse. (https://fortune.com/2017/05/31/malls-retail-stores-closing/)

Retailers that once rose to dominance through innovation such as Sears, which pioneered the mail order catalogue, are going bankrupt.

More than 8,640 retail stores will close in the US in 2017 (https://qz.com/967055/us-retailers-are-on-pace-to-close-more-stores-in-2017-than-in-the-2008-great-recession-m-bebe/)

There are many more companies like these that we continue to hear in the media on a nearly daily basis, and I imagine we will continue to hear more in the near future. However, this does not have to be you. If you feel that your company may be stagnated or worse yet in a decline, working with Jim Harris, a disruptive innovation professional with years of insight and experience turning large businesses around could be the solution you are looking for.

Book Jim Harris – a leading innovation speaker – who can help grow your business

Innovation is an essential strategy for growing the top line of your business. But innovation isn’t easy – otherwise everyone would be doing it – innovation requires a discipline, it requires a process for gaining insight, evaluating possibilities and placing strategic bets. Gain the insights into these essential strategies from expert innovation speaker Jim Harris, who’s been helping businesses around the world increase their revenues for more than 20 years.

Working with companies – from the Fortune 500 to the fastest growing companies, Mr Harris has established a reputation as an international innovation speaker and disruptive innovation speaker that brings results.

Jim’s work as an innovation speaker helps corporate executives and management teams implement and refine their innovation processes to stay ahead of their industry, gain market share and raise profits.

Innovation processes can also be used to cut costs, re-engineer processes, create new distribution and business models and mitigate risks.

Mr Harris’ presentations and consulting work have helped companies anticipate change and adjust to and stay ahead of emerging market trends . CEOs and corporate decision makers look to Jim for insight as an innovation speaker they can trust with the core brands of their businesses.

Years of independent research have led to Jim’s standing as an innovation speaker. He has authored six business books, three of which have been national or international bestsellers. He writes for numerous respected publications, including the Globe and Mail, National Post, Profit magazine and Backbone magazine.

His work with industry professionals has also contributed to his reputation as a leading innovation speaker. One of only 12 Canadians licensed to publicly teach Dr. Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, from 1992-1996. Mr. Harris also recently consulted on a global contract with IBM on how carbon leadership drives profitability, publishing a white paper on the topic. He is committed to remaining a thought leading innovation speaker and consultant – he attends the World Economic Forum in Davos every year, and was recently appointed the Program Director of the Centre of Excellence for Sustainability & Innovation at the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University.

Make sure the disruptive innovation expert, innovation speaker or consultant that you decide to work with is innovative!
Interested in growing revenues, profitability, market share by introducing new products and services? Then book Jim Harris as an innovation speaker today! For more information, call his office at (416) 795-1981. Do you also need a motivational speaker in Toronto? Contact Jim today.