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Davos: Talking Champagne on a Sinking Titanic

I am in Davos at the World Economic Forum (WEF), which formally began Monday night. The top issues that world leaders must address, according to a survey of 1,500 experts in academica, business, civil society and governments conducted for WEF, are unstable global economy, eurozone fragility; and financial system instability. Climate change only ranks as the […]

Identifying barriers to adoption of sustainable business practices

In October, sustainability consultant and former federal Green Party leader Jim Harris presented the business case for sustainability to delegates of the CIMA Canada Conference 2012. Mr. Harris put forward the argument that sustainable business practices weren’t just a matter of ethics, but also tools for cost reduction and profitability, citing several studies and examples […]

24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report

Join me on November 14 for 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report. Broadcast live online, it’s an event that anyone can attend. And it’s your chance to join millions around the world to demand real solutions. Taking place over 24 hours, this event will put a spotlight on every region of the globe […]


How Much Can Business Influence the Environment?

Our first blog, How Sustainability Can Save Business, reframes the common purpose of traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners — that of “saving the environment.” Our premise: Given the social and economic frameworks and institutions of our society, more can be accomplished (and faster) by viewing sustainability as an economic opportunity relevant to business, compared […]

Why CFO’s Need to Care About Sustainability Now

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Operating Officers (COOs) are increasingly accountable for sustainability. A study by Deloitte — Sustainability: CFOs are coming to the table — found their accountability for sustainability had jumped sharply during the last year. In 2012, 26 per cent of CFOs were responsible to the board for their firm’s sustainability […]

Will Canada Take Action on Energy?

Canada needs a “national approach to climate policy and carbon pricing.” Think that this is the advice of some environmental group? Then think again; this is the urging of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) in a policy paper: Clean Growth 2.0: How Canada can be a Leader in Energy and Environmental Innovation. The paper […]


Still paying a fortune to the cable company?

This column began with a Rogers bill. I was paying $200 a month for cable and a PVR, and feeling gouged. I set about to explore alternatives. The term “cutting the cable” has become popular—a Google search nets 63.6 million results—and there are many alternatives for people frustrated with traditional cable providers. […]

2013: mobile continues its march, PCs still sell and no one wants UHD TVs

Two recent tech events highlighted a fascinating sea change in the global consumer electronics (CE) market. Only two categories in the market are experiencing growth: smartphones and tablets. They combine for 40 per cent of CE sales, worth one trillion dollars annually, but every other category is contracting. This trend was evident at both the […]

Smart TV’s are re-inventing TV

The TV has been left behind. It’s a dumb device in an era when notebooks, tablets and smartphones can do so much more, and younger people have responded, surfing the Web, watching YouTube and engaging in social media more than they watch television. All this means TV has been losing its relevance in the digital […]

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