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Jim Harris is a fresh & unique choice among Toronto motivational speakers

If you’re organizing a conference, seminar or training session in Canada’s business capital, you’ll find that there are dozens of individuals listing themselves as “motivational speakers.” As Canada’s largest city there are after all many speakers eager to have an audience. The problem: while many of these individuals may give energetic and well-meaning presentations, attendees often walk away wondering if there was any lasting benefit to attending.

Enter Jim Harris, a leader among keynote motivational speakers in Toronto who takes an “anti-motivational speaking” approach. Rather than focus on simply energizing his audience, and presenting snappy slogans, Jim brings equal parts enthusiasm and practical, proven business strategies and refreshing insights in our rapidly changing business environment.

His talks focus on such topics as innovation, gaining market share, improving employee morale,  customer satisfaction and mitigating risk. All his talks have an underlying theme of increasing profitability. With over 20 years of presentation experience, Mr Harris’ blend of substance and style make him a leader among Toronto’s motivational speakers. His vast array of past clients from all industries – represent companies, associations and government departments of all sizes.

While many of Toronto’s motivational speakers given only a canned or one-size-fits-all speech, Mr. Harris custom-tailors every talk to meet the needs and objectives of each unique audience. He interviews a dozen delegates, along with the meeting planner and event sponsor, prior to the event to identify the objectives of all three. The resulting custom presentation will delight participants, the planner and the sponsor. There are few motivational speakers in Toronto that can bring both the customization, content and decades of experience that Jim Harris does!

His status as a one-of-a-kind motivational speaker in Toronto and beyond has been recognized by multiple industry leaders. Al Gore personally trained him as one of the first seven Canadians to give his An Inconvenient Truth slideshow, and he was one of just 12 Canadians licensed to publicly teach Dr. Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People between 1992 and 1996. Also named one of the top ten speakers in North America by Association Magazine, Jim Harris is a leader among Toronto motivational speakers, and one the city can trust for real and positive change!

To see how he stands out among keynote motivational speakers in Toronto, book Jim Harris for your next event today! For more information, call his office at (416) 795-1981.

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