Jim Harris: A Fresh Alternative Among Motivational Speakers

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While motivational speakers can bring a lot of positive energy to an event, delegates are often left wondering what the lasting benefit was the following day.

Jim Harris is an anti-“motivational speaker,” speaker. He is an expert who presents practical, proven success strategies that leave a lasting impact.

An expert business speaker for more than 20 years, Mr Harris brings insight and inspiration to his talks, teaching and captivating audiences. His fresh approach among motivational speakers guarantees you’ll learn effective strategies for spotting trends that will impact your business and along with proven strategies for increasing innovation, adding customer value, increasing employee and customer satisfaction, gaining market share and increasing profitability.

Mr Harris differentiates himself from traditional motivational speakers, who present catchy slogans but lack strategic substance. Jim is committed to providing real-world case studies that contain essential insights and strategies that business leaders can employ in areas of leadership, change management and mitigating risk. Jim’s content-rich presentations don’t sacrifice style; he is entertaining and engaging, delighting audiences with his humor and insight.

His presentations are all custom-tailored to meet the needs and goals of each particular client for their particular event tailored to their specific industry. Few motivational speakers can bring the level of commitment and customization that Mr Harris does to each event he attends. In fact, with most motivational speakers you get an off-the-shelf “canned” presentation; the only customization involves inserting the name of the city the conference is in, as well as the name of your company or association. By contrast, Mr Harris typically interviews a dozen delegates in advance of the event to help customize his presentation.

As the author of a number of national and international bestsellers, Mr Harris has the background and experience that make him uniquely qualified among motivational speakers. Blindsided, his most recent book, was named one of the best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Summary, which sent an outline to 80,000 executives worldwide. One of Mr Harris’ favorite topics is disruptive innovation – how new technology innovation can blindside market leaders and whole industries.

Blindsided answers the question of how companies can identify early warning signs of change, how to put in place systems and structures to avoid being blindsided and how to take the principles outlined in the book and use them to blindside competitors. Mr Harris’ presentations are educational and entertaining; this approach to teaching audiences of any size is what sets him apart from traditional motivational speakers.

Mr Harris’ abilities have been recognized by industry professionals as a leading motivational speaker: Meeting Planners International’s (MPI) Professional Education Conference (PEC) delegates ranked his session among the top 15% of all speakers at the 1995 PEC, and Association magazine ranked him as one of the top ten business keynote speakers in North America; he truly is a different kind of motivational speaker. He also was one of only 12 Canadians licensed to publicly teach Dr. Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People between 1992 and 1996.

Mr Harris is highly sought after among motivational speakers to teach effective strategies to increase sales and profitability through innovation. His presentations are designed to generate bottom-line results.

For a fresh alternative to traditional motivational speakers, book Jim Harris today! For more information, call his office at (416) 795-1981. Also, if you are thinking of “Going Green”, book Jim as an environmental speaker today!

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