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In the past few years, environmental initiatives have become necessity for businesses of all sizes. Going green has morphed into a mainstream movement. The bottom line benefits are far beyond what most executives realize: over its 14 year sustainability effort, Interface has driven $450 million to its bottom line, equal to 28% of its cumulative operating profit over that period.

Few companies however are embracing sustainability as aggressively as Interface. Many company executives don’t realize how large the bottom line benefits of environmental programs are, or are unsure how to launch initiatives in such a way to maximize financial impact and success. Many organizations benefit from the Jim Harris’ professional advice as an environmental expert.

What makes Jim Harris such a proficient environmental expert? With over 20 years of experience in the field, he’s brought the benefits of his knowledge to individuals ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to entrepreneurs of fast-growing companies, continually focusing on the business case for green initiatives by speaking at conferences, leading executive strategic planning sessions. Companies such as Walmart and Cleantech have trusted him as an environmental expert for help with green initiatives, and he worked with IBM to publish a global white paper on how carbon leadership drives profitability.

Industry professionals and recognized publications have also enlisted Jim as an environmental expert. Al Gore personally trained him as one of seven Canadians to present the slide show version of An Inconvenient Truth, and he a was a weekly contributor to the National Post, writing a column on how going green is profitable. His upcoming book, Green Means Green, will contain hundreds of case studies that showcase how environmental leadership drives the bottom-line benefit.

Always working to remain on the cutting edge as an environmental expert, Jim makes a point to attend the World Economic Forum in Davros every year; he was also recently appointed the Program Director of the Centre of Excellence for Sustainability & Innovation at the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University thanks to his experience in the subject of going green.

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