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Go green with Jim Harris, a top and trusted eco speaker

The green movement has become surprisingly mainstream because business leaders are realizing that eco efficiency cuts cost, mitigates risk against rising energy prices and can raise revenue. Going green has become one of the most effective strategies to drive organizational change and innovation. Jim Harris, an internationally recognized eco speaker, can help you understand the most effective eco strategies for becoming an industry leader in energy efficiency, driving cost out of the value chain, and introducing innovative green products and services. By sharing best practices he strategies with a proven ROI that deliver solid bottom line results.

As a widely renowned eco speaker, Jim Harris can help your employees understand the importance of environmentally friendly initiatives and how they can become engaged and empowered in helping your business go green. He has an almost unparalleled understanding of the movement and the advantages it can bring any company, no matter how big or small. And he has worked with countless CEOs, executives and managers throughout his more than 20 year consulting career. His weekly column in the National Post in past focused on this topic, Jim Harris is an eco speaker with credentials you can trust.

Mr Harris’s work as an eco speaker is also backed by his collaborations with industry leaders and widely renowned professionals. He has worked with companies such as IBM, Walmart and Cleantech on environmental initiatives, and has also written global white papers on green issues such as how carbon leadership drives profitability.

Mr. Harris was one of the first seven Canadians personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to give his An Inconvenient Truth presentation. He attends the World Economic Forum in Davos every year in January. Mr. Harris works diligently to maintain his thought leadership as an eco speaker, and leading expert in the field.

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