Jim Harris: Leading Business Keynote Speaker

A business keynote speaker with deep knowledge

Jim Harris has engaged, educated and enthralled audiences as a business keynote speaker for more than 20 years, working with small executive teams in interactive strategic planning sessions to audiences of thousands. His innovative views on leadership, trends, disruptive innovation, change management and risk mitigation have helped his clients compete for the future.

His clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growth entrepreneurial driven start-ups. Mr Harris’s services as a business keynote speaker have delighted, provoked and challenged his audiences at corporate conferences worldwide, entertaining participants with thought provoking insights and challenging them to think in new ways.

Humor, knowledge and experience, combined with a natural knack for presenting, make Mr Harris an ideal choice for your business keynote speaker. Annually speaking at more than 40 conferences a year, he’s taught thousands of executives globally on effective methods of leadership. Each of his presentations is customized to meet the specific goals of the meeting, focusing on strategies that will bring bottom-line benefits for each client in its specific industry. Very few business keynote speakers have a background as extensive and diverse as Mr Harris.

Part of what makes him so sought after as a business keynote speaker is his collection of published works. As a #1 international bestselling author, Mr Harris has written numerous business books, white papers and business articles that focus on emerging trends. His work is entertaining, and points to the need to foresee market shifts. His work helps clients understand emerging trends and how they will impact business models and provides them with strategies to adapt to the changes, thereby mitigating risk. The incredibly positive feedback from clients over the years attests to the value that Mr Harris brings to his clients and why he is uniquely qualified as a business keynote speaker.

Association magazine ranked him as one of the top ten business keynote speakers in North America, and Soundview Executive Summaries named his bestseller, Blindsided, one of the best business books of the year, sending a summary to 80,000 executives worldwide. These and other honors make him one of the top business keynote speakers and business authors in the industry today.

For a business keynote speaker that can truly educate and engage your audience, book Jim Harris today! For more information, call his office at (416) 795-1981 .

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