June 26, 2009

National Column on Energy Efficiency in National Post

Jim Harris
Magazine Article

Today marks the inaugural column in the National Post on energy efficiency. You can read the column at http://bit.ly/7EJtJt

The theme is how going green is the best thing ever for the corporate bottom line. The energy efficiency column, which appears on the back page of the Financial Post section, will provide practical, proven ways of how going green can save money in these tough times.

Of course, I’d love to hear your ideas I should cover in the column: it’s all about how going green is the best thing ever for the bottom line. Email your ideas to me at jimh (at) jimharris.com

Please post the column to your Facebook, digg it, stumble on it so that 1) this important info gets out widely & 2) the National Post continues to expand its coverage of this essential area!

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