June 10, 2009

$2500 Tata Nano gets 67mpg

Jim Harris
Magazine Article

By: Jordana Levine

The Tata Nano, launched in March 2009, is by far the cheapest car on the market, costing a mere $2,500.  It gets an average of 57mpg — and with careful driving can get up to 67mpg, which is better than almost any car on the road; the Toyota Prius gets 48mpg driving in the city – and even the SmartCar can’t compete, getting 33mpg on city streets and 41mpg on the highway.[1]

The Nano is in high demand; the first 100,000 cars produced will be distributed through a lottery.  Although the cars are cheap, customers are expected to pay deposits totalling up to $1 billion if they want to get their hands on the first batch of Nanos.  Also, while the basic Nano is only $2500, it is likely that the majority of the cars sold will be the more upscale models since the basic one doesn’t even include air conditioning or cup holders.[2][3]

There are expected to be up to 300,000 Nanos on the roads in India by 2010[4], and although the car is exceptionally fuel efficient, critics are worried about the traffic and noise and air pollution that the sudden increase in cars could create.[5] Hopefully this innovation will help the environment, though, rather than hurt it, by providing developing countries with affordable cars that conserve fuel.

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