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Green Means Green:

How environmental leadership drives bottom line profitability and technology and its impacts on organizations and society


In 2009, Jim Harris finished a global consulting contract with IBM – on how low carbon leadership drives profitability. You can see the white paper that was a product of the engagement here.

A video of the finding highlights can be viewed here.

Harris write for for Backbone Magazine, which is distributed with the Globe and Mail – Canada’s national newspaper. Click on the articles below to check it out:

Turning off a turn on

Green is Green

Saving $10 million for $100,000

Saving Billions for Free

Other Recent Articles

Profit magazine aimed at entrepreneurs: Energy Efficiency is Drive Bottom Line in Tough Times

Harris is currently writing a book called Green means Green. It documents hundreds of case studies on how environmental leadership is the best thing ever for the bottom line – especially in these recessionary times.

Technology & its impact on Organizations & Society

Harris is a columnist for Backbone magazine which is distributed with the Globe and Mail, six times a year. The total readership is 357,000 according to Ipsos-Reid. The magazine provides business people with a tangible tool to enhance the way they do business in Canada’s New Economy. Through the magazine’s web site, you can read the columns Harris has written over the last few years. Here are a few sample columns:

Still Paying a Fortune to the Cable Company?

Mobile continues its march, PCs still sell and no one wants UHD TVs

Going green is expensive – myth or not?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet market share

Smartphones and tablets are killing other devices

Video calling will dominate within seven years

Search engine optimization is the key to growing sales

Platform wars shape business futures

6 surprising green tech facts

What a Kenyan financial company can teach our banks

We want video and we want it here and now

Do more with LinkedIn

Executive medicals: why CEOs get them, and why you should too

The BionX Canadian success story

We waste massive amounts of energy and materials, which means we also waste money and cut profits

Grab yourself a set-and-forget-it backup solution

Think hands-free laws make for safer drivers? Think again

Shed a tear for Nortel? Absolutely

Fresh thinking for R and D Funding

TV advertising is dying and PVRs are the culprit

Newspapers are suffering

Building sustainability: How buildings can power our future

TV advertising is dying and PVRs are the culprit

Always-on Reality

How IBM is saving $450M over 5 years through energy efficiency

Promise & Peril of Exponential Growth (Kodak & iPod)

When Encyclopedias changed forever, twice

Photography Ecosystem turns upside down

Netflix revolutionizing DVD Rentals

CES Envisioning radically different future

Holding worlds libraries in your hands

Music Industry digs into your pocket

Dell – Knowledge is not enough

Worried about cell phone use?

Decline of TV as you know it

Zen & Art of Open Source

Blockbuster Blindsided

Wire lines to wireless

CES Top 3

Globe and Mail

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